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Building Typed.

Students: Study Guide

Find out how you can create a study guides as a student to ensure you know what to study and where to find study material. With Typed, you’ll be conducting your studies efficiently through one single document. Hey Typers,  I’m…

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Students: Group Projects

Document collaboration with fellow team members just became a whole lot easier. See how students use Typed to conduct group projects, and leave professors stunned with the quality of their work. Here we are at the team’s space. Everyone’s been…

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Founders: Pitch Deck

Pitch decks contain a lot of information. Numbers, insights, market research… the list goes on. Find out how you can use Typed to effortlessly create your pitch deck, and lay out your entrepreneurial passion in front of investors. In this…

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Teams: Meeting Notes

Discover how the greatest teams cooperate and conduct meetings with Typed. Go beyond normal meetings — gather every relevant information to be ready for everyone to discuss. In this use case, we’re going to go over how Typed makes your…

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Typed’s Philosophy: From Chaos to Zen

There are various types of writing, but Typed aims to focus on creating the most effective and efficient experience for writing research-heavy documents. In the process of writing these documents, knowledge works collect and use resources from both internal and…

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