Students: Study Guide

Find out how you can create a study guides as a student to ensure you know what to study and where to find study material. With Typed, you’ll be conducting your studies efficiently through one single document.

Hey Typers, 

I’m going to show you how our top students use Typed to conduct their studies and prepare for exams. 

Within the personal space, I’ve created a project named “study guides”. You can see that I’ve created an individual study guide for each course. Let’s head into one/ 

Here we are. As you can see, I’ve noted down the syllabus – and all the areas I have to study accordingly. Creating the study guide itself can be hassle for those who have to constantly shift back and forth to documents, and course materials that outline whatever you have to study.

Luckily, you’re on Typed – so you’ll be able to collect and save them in the document panel so that you’ll have everything within the study guide you made for yourself. There’s a lot of ways in doing this:

  • Bringing course material by importing from your Google Drive or Local PC, such as practice problem sets, syllabuses etc
  • Using the Web-clipper or Copy & Paste function for online resources, including useful Youtube videos that may help. Personally I also loved putting links to third party websites that help me with my studies – like these flash cards.
  • And Lastly, creating backlinks to other documents that you’ve made on Typed. 

By the time you’re done creating one, it’s now a matter of actually studying. As you go through your study guide and prepare for your exams, just click on whichever reference you want to use, and take notes. Move on to problem sets, and even test yourself through third-party websites that help you do so. 

So what makes this study guide so great? Studying happens over a period of time – so you’ll find yourself having to find these documents every moment you want to get to back to work. Creating one on Typed however, presents you with all the required material that YOU need for studying. 

So go ahead and create a study guide that is accessible and efficient – so that you can ace that upcoming exam. All through Typed.

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