Investors: Market Research

Gathering and integrating diverse information from both online/offline and internal/external sources can be a difficult and long process. Checkout how Typed shortens the process and makes it easier for investors to conduct market research.

In this use case, we’ll be showing you how you can conduct heavy research work like this one, all through Typed. 

Here is an example of a document that holds valuable insights and information conducted through market research. Firstly, you can notice how Typed’s library panel serves as a space in which you can add online research sources. 

Second, we have offline files. Useful for any references, these usually come in a formal format – like this official report of the market situation here, and screenshots of crucial diagrams like this one here. 

Lastly and most importantly, any internal sources, in other words market data that your organization has, can also be easily accessed by utilizing backlinks. Simply search any keywords that might serve as useful information and add it to your current library. The more you use Typed, the more references you’ll have archived within it – which means you can fully experience how useful these backlinks can really be! 

Typed’s User Interface makes it easy for you to focus on completing your market research, and converting it to a document that anyone can read easily. Click to open the split screen, and highlight important information. If your space contains several team members, anyone who has access to the document can not only view your report, but also the references that you have used with ease. 

Aside from market research, any form of documentation that includes the action of using and collecting references can be conducted in the same way through Typed. Now, you’ll be able to not only save a lot of time in completing these, but also can seamlessly share context without any information silos among your team members. 

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