Content Creators: Blog/Article

Find out how professional writers and content creators use Typed to efficiently conduct quality blogs and articles.

If you’re one of the content creators that write blogs and articles on a regular basis, writing productively is a vital element in getting out quality pieces of writing within a given period of time. 

When the content needs to be informative, it’s important that we use both reliable and a diversity of research references. A lot of writers talk about how they’re overloaded with tabs in finding relevant information for their articles – and thus it becomes frustrating, and difficult to work productively. 

Luckily, Typed provides one of the best environments for writers to create quality articles in a short period of time. Research becomes quick and efficient, and the information acquired can be easily utilized and integrated into writing. Even better, you can easily access your past articles and references within seconds so that all your precious time invested in your old articles don’t go to waste. Let’s learn more. 

In the App Home, it’s best to organize your articles by individual documents. Organize them in different projects if needed. Let’s create a document. 

The left panel is where you can store all your research, and relevant files that can be useful for your article. Copy & Paste URL links, import local files, and bring in your previous articles through backlinks. 

Now that you have all the relevant information you need, you can start writing. To view a reference, simply click to open the split-screen. I like to close the panel so that I can see most of the text without struggling too much. As you scan through your references, always look to highlight important sections – so that you know what parts to look at when you need to. 

Feel free to pull up any other relevant articles that you’ve written in the past, as well as the reference use within them – just use the search function, and add it to your library. 

Keep using these key features to get rolling so that you can end up with one of the most convincing articles out there – with research and writing brought into one, you’ll be a top writer in no time. 

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